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To Be Continued…

Published July 30, 2016 by moonmoth777

great job! and was my pleasure! 🙂

Gasher Sage

To Be Continued......png


Hand Wraps-   titzuki : silky ribbon cuffs   titzuki & BOYS TO THE BONE

Scissors-  {CP} Back Stabbed /scissors/ (Sponsored)   +Chemical Princess+

Arm Scars-  -[TWC]- Beauty Marks  .- The White Crow -.

Special Thanks To Sponsors….

+Chemical Princess+


Also Thanks Shirley for Joining me…

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Do it For the Vine

Published July 30, 2016 by moonmoth777

turned out awesome and your welcome zzzzzzzz :))

Gasher Sage

Do It For The Vine..png


Body Tattoo- **UrbanStreet** BloodRose Tattoo- (Sponsored) SaNaRae

Beard- Barber Shop / Short Beard / Hair Fair 2016

Hair-  +elua+ Zion_Darkbrown  Hair Fair 2016

Ax-  RO – Zombie Axe Container Remarkable Oblivion

Pants- [Deadwool] Joad pants [DEADWOOL]

Boots- [Deadwool] Ulrich boots [DEADWOOL]

Mask- Porcelain Rabbit Marketplace

Bag- [Deadwool] Janus duffle bag  [DEADWOOL]

Special Thanks To Sponsor….



Thanks Shirley for falling asleep…

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